Joyce Butler

Stockman's Technology

Stockman’s Land Exchange (Stockman’s) strives to utilize the latest technology and hardware for its marketing endeavors in order to compile the most thorough, accurate and exhaustive market information to not only inform the prospective seller or buyer, but also to better notify other brokers that work for and with Stockman’s. Our listings search is easy to use, and results are returned from a current database of all of our area's MLS listings. The company’s “intra-office” hardware consists of: high speed and expanded memory computers that are linked to a “main frame” at the Vail Board of Realtors (an area wide listing service of properties that are on the market), laser and color printers, up-graded scanners, copiers, digital camera equipment, and a multi-line telephonic system including a dedicated facsimile communication terminal. Stockman’s software consists of not only a sophisticated word-processing program, but also the most current contract drafting tools that comply with the applicable statutes of the State of Colorado; in addition, Stockman’s has available the latest software programs that enable it to market and advertise all properties in a professional mien.

Stockman’s is affiliated with both local and national real estate organizations that enable it to expose the properties that are in its market to a large and expansive population of prospective purchasers or investors; as well as introducing the latter to the current and available inventory of marketable properties in the Vail valley area and surrounding environs. Search our properties database. Stockman’s is a member of the Multiple Listing Service, Vail Board of Realtors (MLS) and the Aspen/Glenwood Springs Realtor Board; this “network” maintains currently listed properties that are on the market, either for sale or lease, as well as maintaining a data base of sold properties. You can search the Vail Board of Realtors MLS database here and the Aspen/Glenwood Springs Board of Realtors MLS database here. In addition, the company is affiliated with “”, a national and esoteric web site that universally presents the Vail valley market to interested parties; Stockman’s advertises and markets its listed properties through this vehicle in order to reach both state, national and international prospects. Stockman’s web site ( displays not only featured properties in areas that may be of specific interest, but provides further access for Stockman’s customers to all of the listed properties in the Vail valley through the medium of the “RDX” feature that is displayed on this site - very few companies offer this research feature and benefit.

Stockman’s furthermore markets its properties through more traditional media, such as: newspaper displays (Vail Daily, etc.); flyers that are distributed throughout the area by way of the MLS, radio and T.V. “spots”, real estate magazines or journals, such as “The Real Estate Book”, Vail Valley Magazine, Vail Beaver Creek Magazine, Vail Holiday Magazine, the Fair & Rodeo Manual, and through the more modern medium of “Virtual Tours” (motion/visual displays); the hardware, technology and expertise that the company possesses has fomented numerous sales and satisfied customers through this marketing genre. Through its affiliation with the National Association of Realtors and the Colorado Association of Realtors, Stockman’s keeps abreast of the latest technologies and marketing methods, as well as maintaining the professionalism that these organizations engender. Joyce Butler, as the owner and managing broker of Stockman’s, has personally acquired a post graduate certification from the Graduate Real Estate Institute, and has obtained the designation of a Certified Residential Specialist - these institutions offer not only an enhanced expertise in the field of real estate, but allow Stockman’s access to other certified specialists via a nationwide referral service - this is a marketing tool in and of itself.

Joyce Butler, has personally acquired a “high-tech” marketing approach in the profession of real estate sales, what with her years of education and experience in the Vail area; and she has imbued Stockman’s with a support system that is conducive to the maintenance of that spirit. The company has a key and highly visible office location that is well known by most real estate practitioners in the Vail valley; and it has that most noted of all logos on the western slope - the “Texas Longhorn”, thereby giving Stockman’s that all important name recognition in the market place. Although technology is no substitute for the personal “touch”, it certainly enhances and broadcasts it to the world at large.

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